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Remember Wilson the volleyball, from the movie ‘Castaway‘? In a dash of newfound creativity and imagination, I shot a couple of photographs today of a coconut that shared an uncanny resemblance to Wilson! Seemed like the perfect opportunity for some prop-photography :-D.

Wilson reads for the USMLE

Wilson reads for the USMLE.

Somehow he seems quite absorbed with the book ;-), don’t you think? Ah, nothing beats the joy of laying back, relaxing and reading a nice book.

Wilson in the Orient.

Wilson in the Orient.

On his travels to the Orient, he received a fancy hand-held fan as a gift from a monk. In fact, that is exactly where he discovered his inner intellectual :-P.

Wilson is a bike rider and loves his moped.

Wilson is a bike rider ...

… and loves his moped. How else would an intelligent coconut choose to conquer the streets?

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Written by Firas MR

August 21, 2009 at 3:25 pm