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Experimenting with Blogging Clients under Ubuntu 7.04

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Being on Linux almost every time, I’ve been experimenting with two blogging clients lately, Drivel and Blogtk. Both work excellently under Ubuntu 7.04, the distribution of my choice. The main purpose of this writing is to test if everything works as expected. Unfortunately, these clients aren’t as feature rich as the main WordPress Dashboard backend on the website. It would be absolutely neat if there could be a way to use the backend offline without having to download the entire WordPress package. I wonder if this is possible. Any ideas?

Anywho folks, that’s about it at the moment. Until something new sparks in my nutty brain, adios amigos!

UPDATE:- Just discovered this new client called QTM. Compiling and installing was pretty easy. A built-in spell-checker is the one major thing I found lacking in this otherwise cool piece of software. Do check it out!

A few QTM Screenshots that I took:-

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Written by Firas MR

March 18, 2008 at 3:59 pm