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New Beginning: Going Anonymous!

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Howdy readers!

Just a quick update. For reasons far too many to list out here, I’ve decided to pursue an anonymous blog in addition to this one. This blog fills a niche and I’d like to maintain that intact as I continue to post things of interest here. Furthermore, there are many topics that I frequently ruminate about and that I’d be more comfortable writing and discussing about anonymously. I’ve come to understand that this blog, a tool that’s meant to caress my intellect as much as it does yours (come on! admit it! :-P),  is unsuitable to fulfill this important role in entirety.

If you’re a close friend or a blogger who knows me personally, then you know how to find me and would probably recognize  my anonymous presence when you see it. To you I make just one earnest plea: try not to blow my cover 😛 ! My friend, Jaffer of Maniaravings, had a pertinent example of how the privacy of bloggers can be adversely affected by the slapdash behavior of people known to them. Sometimes unintentionally. Always keep in mind some relevant guidelines for bloggers set forth by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (a privacy group) here.

Alrighty then! Until we meet again, cheerio!

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Written by Firas MR

March 22, 2011 at 4:33 pm

Posted in Technology

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  1. This is a very public way of going anonymous isn’t it ? 😉

    I’ve struggled with a niche as well. I used to write about everything before including religion.

    I felt that needed to stop and that is why I had to re-launch my website.

    The blog has all things discussing me and my life. The technology section will have all the geeky stuff which others will not care about.

    I’ll try to bring back my posts on religion – but they’ll be in a different section and on a different RSS feed. I may choose not to include the comment form there.

    But – there’s still time. I’m in no hurry.

    Good Luck !


    March 22, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    • Yup Jaffer! When you realize that a blog has a certain momentum that ought not to be disturbed, it’s time to think of something different to keep the depths of one’s intellect alive. There’s far too much that I think about day to day that wouldn’t fit right here.

      Firas MR

      March 22, 2011 at 5:09 pm

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