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In case you just noticed, I’ve revamped the entire theme to suit the audacious browser I’ve so come to love – Konqueror. I hope this website is now viewable by most browsers. Happy surfing people!

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Written by Firas MR

April 11, 2008 at 1:31 pm

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  1. What was wrong with the other theme ? You must discuss in a post why you love Konqueror because

    my favourite browser on *nix platforms is Opera. As far as FreeBSD is concerned it’s packaged very well compared to Firefox.

    The best way to implement a cross-platform and cross-browser design is not to specify a font in your CSS. Simply declare:

    body { font-family: sans-serif; }

    and everybody can then enjoy your site with their favourite sans-serif font.

    Two of the worst culprits when it comes to Anti-Aliasing is the Arial / Helvitica Fonts. (You can read some discussion about it here)

    By the way, are you testing out Firefox 3 Beta 5 ? You should because there are many changes to the front end !


    April 11, 2008 at 4:11 pm

  2. Hey Jaffer 🙂 .. Thanks for commenting buddy! I don’t know what the actual problem was with my last theme that was causing Konqueror to show two vertical scrolling bars. Apparently there is a known compatibility problem with WordPress and Konqueror and I’m editing this website using Firefox.

    As for browsers and preference, I don’t really care much about which browser is the best of ’em all. As long as it’s free of cost and works it’s alright by me :-)! I usually have one browser from each of the commonly used underlying engines installed on my comp. I always have FF with its underlying Gecko by my side 🙂 and do love it. FF for me has been the most compatible browser out there bar none. The extensions feature in FF is just awesome. I used to have Opera with its Presto engine too. But Opera’s support for Flash in Linux is appalling (at least on Ku/Ubuntu) and so I’ve had to root it out! I’ve just switched to KDE from GNOME and have been tinkering with Konqueror and its KHTML engine. Konqueror is easily one of the coolest browsers on the block! It has a ton of features I never even knew could exist in a browser. They are far too many to list here. It’s fast, light and integrates very well with KDE. I love its swiss-army knife approach. The only thing that I miss badly is the ability to install 3rd party extensions. Some people feel that 3rd party extensions bring problems pertaining to quality assurance, but I personally think that the choice has to be left to the end-user. Some KDE devs have been working on 3rd party extensions. I absolutely love the fundamental philosophy behind Konqueror. Its devs believe in not discriminating against any kind of browsers no matter how exotic they are ( AFAIK, Konqueror can be plugged in to any underlying engine using the appropriate KPart (

    I’m still waiting for a proper Webkit based browser for my system. And yeah I do have FF3Beta5. It does rock!

    I think it fundamentally boils down to websites trying to be more cross-platform than they currently are. It is absolutely wrong for one browser or the other to attain dominance over the rest solely because websites do not bother to test them out. The Acid tests ( should hopefully bring some change on that front.

    I will look into my CSS when I get the time :-). More importantly I’ve to learn it first! I’m not exactly in this line of work you know… LOL!! Thanks for the tips!

    Do write a post on FreeBSD :-). It will be quite interesting!

    Firas MR

    April 12, 2008 at 3:45 am

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