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What It Means To Be Dumb

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I was watching a documentary on the Nat Geo channel the other day. It was about medicine of course. A comment made by one of the ‘scientists’ from the show tickled me. He said something to the effect of ‘the more we learn about the human body, the dumber we feel’ . There isn’t a molecule in my body that doesn’t agree with that (pun intended)! LOL! . My deliberations on the nature of the medical profession lie here.

Let’s just think for a moment about the very definition of being dumb:

  • Jovial question. Is it your IQ score ?

IQ = Mental Age/Chronological Age x 100

  • When Einstein was confronted by the stalwarts of Quantum Mechanics and the probablistic world that their theories entailed, he suggested that probability comes into the picture when you don’t know the absolute truth about something. “God doesn’t throw dice” he said. That means the more proabablistic your lingo, the lesser your knowledge about the actual truth and the dumber you are! LOL!
  • On the other side of the divide, proponents of Quantum Mechanics believed that it’s better to use probability than to assume this or that about the universe. In their thinking, this approach was the smarter one.

The last two arguments are pretty much applicable to the tussle in the medical world too, so far as I can tell. There’s a lot of parallelism between Einstein’s views and the scientist’s comment from the documentary.

What is the absolute truth? Perhaps our world isn’t very definite and structured some scientists like Lee Smolin have argued. Maybe a more ‘inelegant’ (as some would like to put it. ..wait a minute… elegance in inelegance? …darn ’em philosophers 😛 !) or probablistic picture is the absolute truth after all. The philosophical debate continues and the globe watches and waits to no foreseeable end.

Bottomline, our medical world is still very probablistic. We might be on our way to a more structured understanding of the human body, but we aren’t there yet. Whether or not this makes us dumb, I leave this for you to decide!

Do care to leave behind your comments .


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Written by Firas MR

March 31, 2008 at 5:28 pm

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