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Ahoy folks! You might have noticed two major changes on this blog since your last visit:-

  • A brand new name that goes in line with what has partly inspired the name of my website – yep you guessed it, the brain. The ‘Insula’ there was inspired by the Insular region of the brain. When you really think about it blogging is a linguistic exercise, one that’s under the control of the ‘dominant’ of the two cerebral hemispheres. I guess this makes the blog’s new identity more apt as opposed to what it used to be. I hope you agree. 🙂
  • I’ve revamped the design and layout to enhance color contrasts and make the entire site more readable.

Now with that behind us, I’d like readers to know that my reasons for inconsistent blog-ular activity have finally abated, albeit to a limited degree. I still do have a couple of academic errands at hand but I should be able to put in more time for the blog.

This brings me to two important issues that I’ve had to give some serious thought to before venturing into an enterprise such as this, & that I should’ve commented upon during its very inception:-

  • The vast majority of bloggers get their feet in the door because they are blabber-mouths & that’s that 😛 . Call my opinion harsh, but if you really think it through you’ll realize that most blogs do not contain things that you’d not otherwise read in the newspaper or proper online websites (such as encyclopedias). Most represent opinionated word-junk on random topics selected from these primary sources of information, more like the ‘Letters to the Editor’ kinda stuff that you’d die to skip over as you peruse your morning paper. Intelligent readers would rather not waste time on them. There are however a few blogs out there that shed light on new factual information or serve to highlight perspectives hitherto not explored and it is my endeavor to construct this blog along that direction. That means – no philosophical mumbo-jumbo or vivid descriptions of the inner happenings of my life! This blog’s focus will be academia and academia only.
  • Because the business of academia is a slow process, expect the frequency of posts to measure up accordingly. It takes time for people to grow in knowledge and meaningful writing can only be produced as the appropriate milestones in this process are achieved.

Will put up interesting posts soon. Until then …Ciao!! 🙂


Written by Firas MR

June 16, 2007 at 3:15 am

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